Day two: the long day

Day two is underway and your chapter reports are amazing. I’m hearing stories about ‘family’ help after a bad break up (sdsu), raising tons of money for youth (asu), your amazing combined gpa (Kstate), your transgender awareness week (Csun), Our east coast call (SUNY), the flash mob you executed with brilliance (UH), gaining chapter status as lambda (Berkeley), the great retreats you put together (UCR),our brand new colony celebrating their induction (MUST) and many more achievements!
All of these things, and you, inspire me and help me see the vision that was created almost ten years ago. Convention always lifts me up and jolts be back to what is really important- Gamma Rho Lambda and you all, the future of an organization that has given so much to me during my undergrad and my alumnae times.
I hope everyone enjoyed seeing Romi from The Real L Word! She was kind enough to come a little early to be present for some of your chapter reports.
Our breakout sessions were much more organized and executed this year and somehow we remained on schedule the entire convention! I have a day three report coming to you soon.


Romi from the Real L Word


Last nights circle



We work late!

Hey all,
It’s the end of our first day at convention 2012. I hope you enjoyed getting to know each other and your council. Personally, I found a great Korean place with Correa after our ice breakers and truly loved our progressive conversations.
Right now, yes now, council is working hard to make sure tomorrow goes exactly as planned and on time. Were also working on the details of your special guest for tomorrow; well we have two. One will be giving a break out session and the other is just a special guest!
I’ll sign off and post more with interesting photos.



If you’re on the way in. Please come see us in the lobby area to the left of the front desk. We will be handing out keys after 3pm and packets as soon as you arrive!

You can call if you’re lost. 404-702-5577